George Bush Conflict

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Assess the impact of two conflicts and two events that occurred during the second presidential term of George W. Bush on America. To complete this assessment do the following: • Identify two conflicts and two events that occurred during the second presidential term of George W. Bush. • Explain whether the conflicts and events had a positive, negative or both positive and negative impact on America. Justify your explanation by including what America was like before and after each conflict or event. Two of the negative conflicts that took place during George Bush’s second term were the Guantanamo Bay Prisoners and Hurricane Katrina. As we captured different members of Al-Quaida, the president decided to hold them prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Many people thought that these prisoners should have the same rights that Americans have such as a fair trial, legal representation, and formal charges brought on them. The Bush Administration felt that the President of the United States should be able to decide that our enemies did not need to be treated with the same standards for American citizens being charged with a crime. The…show more content…
In some places the water rose to fifteen feet and a lot of people who had been through other storms, drown or sttod on their rooftops. As the city was evacuating, many didn’t have transportation or money to leave the city. One hundred twenty five thousand people took shelter at the Super Dome and spent days without adequate restrooms, food and water. The government did not step in soon enough and many people turned their opinions as a result. Pictures of the president flying over the devastation were published and people felt that he was distanced and detached from the suffering going on. George Bush fired the head of FEMA but it failed to rectify peoples blame on the president for everything that went
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