George Browne's An American Soldier In World War I

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An American Soldier in World War I I. Introductory paragraph from the sample outline a. Identifying the title, the author, and the publisher of the book. An American Soldier in World War I, by George Browne (Author), David L. Snead (Editor). Publisher: University of Nebraska Press 2006. b. Summarize the main idea/theme of the book you are reviewing in one or two sentences. George “Brownie” Browne, gives us the difficulties of living, training, transportation to France, and the danger of combat. Brownie is a narrative about combat, hope, and service amongst the American military. c. Write your thesis (What you think of the book). I though the book was very informative, reading the letters from Brownie touch my heart. His letters gave us the reality of World War One, and the price the military paid for the freedom we have. Brownie gave the readers insight of the day to day living, training, and other conditions the…show more content…
Some of the soldiers became sick from sleeping on the damp ground. After reading Brownie letters, I realize that America engaged in World War One without structure and organization for the military to live, train, and clothing and other needs the military required. I felt that the United States would have been more sufficient with the housing, sleeping quarters, food and clothing. This goes to show there were no organization with the military before the enlisting and drafting. I believed before reading Brownie letters the United States would have been sufficient in all the needs for the American military. One of the greatest difficulties was providing adequate clothing and bedding for all of the men. Shortages in this area continued to plague the division throughout its time in New York (September 20, 1917 page
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