George and Lennies Relationship

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George and Lennie’s Relationship John Steinbecks “Of Mice and Men” is focused around the theme of how two men have come together and are such good friends in a time when most people have nothing. They have each other and even though they may not always get along they have learned to accept their differences and stick together, because in the end all they have is each other, which is what makes them different from everyone else. George acts towards Lennie as a very responsible father, ‘you never had none, you crazy bastard. I got both of em here’ this quote shows that George as a responsible guardian and looks after his bus pass and doesn’t trust Lennie with his pass because he thinks Lennie would loose and took the responsibility of looking after it. Another quote to this is ‘ look George. Look what I done’ this quote is showing that Lennie is asking for approval like a kid, like he wants to be congratulated and praised. There relationship can be a bit weird at times like when they are round the fire, George is shouting at Lennie saying that he could be living in a cat house every night and could easily live without him but in a matter of minutes he change and is trying to comfort Lennie and is apologizing to him. Lennie at this moment cleverly uses this to his advantage and try’s to get his mouse back. George knows Lennie like a son he knows when he is lying about having a mouse ‘ you aint putting nothing over.’ You can tell that they have been together for a long time. ‘with sharp, strong features.’ Steinbeck compares Lennie to certain animals such as a bear and horse because a bear on the outside looks friendly, but on the inside they are fierce and wild. He describes Lennie as a horse because they are large animals but they can be controlled. Steinbeck often refers to Lennie as a bear, ‘ the way a bear drags his paws’, ‘ he lumbers along like a bear’

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