Geology of Pyrenees Essay

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HZK ------------------------------------------------- Geological history of the Pyrenees ------------------------------------------------- from the Mesozoic to the Cenozoic Table 1 showing the geological time scale with emphasize on period of interest. ( 2014. Time Scale.) Image 2 showing a satellite view of the Iberian peninsula bounded by the Gibraltar to the South and the Pyrenees in the North. (Googlemap satellite view. 2014. Screenshot of screen) Table des matieres Abstract____________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1: Plate tectonics for the Iberian Peninsula thourghout the Mesozoic-Cenozoic______ Chapter 2: Large-scale structure: thin-skinned fold-and-thrust belts______________________ Chapter 3: Stratigraphy: major lithologies__________________________________________ Conclusion__________________________________________________________________ References__________________________________________________________________ Abstract The Pyrenean Mountain Chain is a perfect example of what one would expect at the end of a collisional process. It is an excelent platform recording pre- ,syn- and post- tectonic depositional sequences . These conducted many geologicsts to rebuilding past climate, enviroments to which the Iberian peninsula has been subjected to. As a genereal overview: -prior to any events of orogenic nature, in the Mesozoic processes that have affected the peninsula have resulted in a whole thrust system, which still remains today -the opening of the Valencai trough has given birth to other features also visible today and constituting the major pattern of the Easter Pyrenees Hence, as a matter of summary: -the Eastern part of the Pyrenees is a perfect witness to extensional events -Western parts are good examples for what one should expect from

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