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Geology Field Trip On our Geology field trip, our class and I made many interesting stops and studied the wonders of our Earth. We went from Pyramid Lake all the way to where oil was first discovered on Earth. From there we traveled to Ventura and saw it’s beautiful beach. We also got to see some not so appealing sights. For example, before we got to the Ventura harbor we went to a neighborhood that was on a hilltop structure. On the edge of the neighborhood there were some damaged old houses. Landslides were the reason why these houses were damaged. After seeing this, the only thing I could imagine is being a child and waking up in the middle of the nightto the trembles of the Earth and realizing that nothing can stop the house sliding off the slope of the mountain. From there, I wouldn’t want to experience a frightening land slide. There are many geological hazards on this earth that civilians live by without knowing. The one that caught my interest the most on our field trip was San Andeas Fault. Ever since I was a child, my parents would take my brothers and I to the beach and we would always pass by Frazier Park. I would say, I’ve passed through there hundreds of times, little did I know that San Andreas Fault was right there. It is unbelievable, because I would always hear my instructors talking about San Andreas Fault and explaining what was going on with the two plates but I never knew where it was located. I find this funny. Now the great thing about San Andreas Fault is that the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate form a tectonic boundary, and the entire fault is more than 800 miles long. This is just unbelievable. Now the most jaw dropping fact that amazed me is that there are houses lined up right along the fault. When I first saw this on the trip, I couldn’t believe it, because geologist predicted for an earthquake to happen any moment and

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