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An academic essay on characteristics of a good reservoir and geological properties of UAE Introduction: A reservoir may be defined as an artificial lake or pond to store water or any other geological product such as oil or gas. Speaking of a good reservoir, there are mainly three characteristics that define the productivity of a reservoir. Those are composition and purity of crude, nature and strength of drive mechanism, and the character of the reservoir rock. Other minor factors include depth of the reservoir, reservoir orientation and complexity. All those factors are listed below, and important ones are discussed in details in the later part of the essay. * General characteristics: 1. Depth 2. Pressure 3. Temperature * Geological characteristics: 1. Diagenesis 2. Structure * Engineering characteristics: 1. Bore integrity 2. Spacing Reservoir rock characteristics: The general conception on reservoir may be a misleading one since many people think that they are the underground pools of oil. In truth, reservoirs may be defined as the subterranean expanses of rock with saturated oil and water filling up the pore spaces and fractures of the rock. They are more of a rock sponges rather than milk jugs. Two most important traits of reservoir rocks that can affect the production and cost are porosity and permeability. They determine the amount of hydrocarbon trapped in the reservoir and also the rate at which hydrocarbon can be gained during primary production. Pore spaces determine the amount while permeability determines the flow rate. Sedimentary rocks are predominant while igneous or metamorphic can also be source of reservoir. “Porosity cutoff” is a term used to define minimum porosity that is considered viable from an economic standpoint. Porosity cutoff varies according to stone. While the percentage is 8-10% for

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