Geological Journey Through North America Essay

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Geological Journey: The Rockies 1. The length of the Rocky Mountains is 4800 km and it spans from northern Canada to southern U.S.A. 2. The Rockies started forming 180 million years ago in the Mesozoic era. 3. 2 tectonic plates hit each other making a mountain thrust up. 4. The Pacific Northwest experiences a massive earthquake 500 years. 5. The rocks on the coast of British Columbia are from cooled down magma. This tells us that there used to be large volcanic eruptions and that it is a subduction zone. 6. The rocks are hardened sediments and were formed 350 million years ago. 7. The oceanic crust on the American side is higher so that would mean more sediments would are pushed to the mountains thus creating higher mountains. 8. Because of subduction the mountains are infused with magma which leaves minerals. 9. The Flatirons are located in Colorado and they do not exist in Canada because there are less sediments in Canada. 10. Mining was done by digging tunnels into mountains. 11. They knew where to mine it they rock was coloured and stood out. 12. Now a day’s people use an open pit to mine. This involves miners extracting minerals from an open pit. The downside to this could be, somebody falling in or creating permanent or serious damage to the mountain. 13. Glaciers had carved the Rockies into their shape. 14. They measure thickness by using transmitters that use radio waves to tell the thickness. Scientists would be interested in this because it would tell them how long it could be until they all melt, or if they are melting or increasing in size. 15. A Moulin is a hole or a tube between ice that transports water from the surface to the bottom. 16. The rocks fell onto glaciers which transported them all the way to Saskatchewan until they melted and

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