Geography of Soccer Essay

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GEOGRAPHY OF SOCCER As well as the social geography, soccer has peculiarities depending on the place that it happens. Considering different customs, weather, ethnicities, and cultural convictions, the characteristics of the game can change and it reflects in the performance of the clubs and national teams over the world. It is possible to predict the success or failure of some team through the comprehension of the used approach, according to the culture and the features that the team has. The study of the soccer around the world is also important to understand why places have more fans and addiction than others. The Europe is the precursor of the soccer. It is the place that the sport has grown the most since the beginning. However, it is possible to identify differences between the countries within the continent. The Latin part of the continent is marked by technique. Italy, Portugal and Spain are countries where the population does not have an impressive strength or height average, and it reflects in how they play soccer. These countries had to adapt to the physical conditions of the players to compete against other countries. Because of this, what is most seen when a team from one of these countries are playing is the chose for playing a technical style, that is slow but with a lot of passes, giving the opportunity to the most skillful player try individual moves. Germany is another that needs attention. The German national league, called Bundesliga is one of the best in the world in terms of structure and level of competitiveness. Benefited by the stability of the German economy, the Bundesliga has a lot of teams playing in a high level; however there is one that catches the eyes around the world: Bayern München. The club has an amazing physical structure, a solid economy, and a good philosophy about the concepts of the game. It is important to say

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