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George Appo’s Prison Experiences George Appo was one of the first criminals of U.S. who considered his criminal life as a capitalist craft and shared an ethic code of trustworthiness and solidarity with his fellow criminals. Appo was orphaned at the age of five and started his criminal life at the age of seven. "During his early years, George Appo led the life of a mischievous teenager, petty thief and troublemaker; rather than reforming him, prison served only to escalate his criminal activity." Appo was caught pick pocketing $28 and sentenced to a ship called “Mercury” He struggled to live his life on the ship. Since the experience on this ship didn’t have a major impact on him, so Appo started larceny again. The ship made large cruises to the West Indies to St.Thomas, Barbados, the Canary Islands, Rio de Janerio and to Africa. He went into a stage of depression because the ship used to get doomed on the ocean without a picture of a land for months. He used to get sick for days because he was merely allowed to eat hard bread made out of maggots and drink half of a condensed milk can of dirty water. Appo was again caught and sentenced to a state prison called Sing Sing. His life was brutalized in prison. He escaped from a very close call of death in jail at one point in his life. He accidentally seared a shirt in prison and he was given a dreadful punishment for it. He was physically assaulted for a small mistake. Appo’s clothes were removed by force; his teeth were knocked out brutally and he was smacked so many times that he was not able to count the blows. His body was in an immense pain that he wasn’t able to rebel against the prison guards and doctors. His treatment was similar to a wild animal in jail because he was locked in a dark cell for weeks on two ounces of bread and a cup of water every day. The brutal punishments in prison made him wiser than

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