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Social impacts on migration Australia: "There are very few social costs associated with migration," Professor Carrington said, "and most of these are short-term integration issues that relate mostly to the humanitarian intake. However, most migrants – including those arriving through the humanitarian intake – have over time learnt English, acquired qualifications, and done well. Furthermore, they are generally ambitious for their children to achieve and to have better opportunities in life. So it is the second generation that enjoys most of the benefits of migration." A researcher quoted, "dispelled a number of myths about the impact of migrants on the host community". He said there was no real evidence of a "migrant underclass", and that any anxiety about the formation of "ethnic enclave ghettos" was unfounded. "On the contrary," he said, "the available evidence overwhelmingly supports the view that migrants to Australia have made substantial contributions to Australia's stock of human, social and produced capital." The research report will be a valuable resource for policy makers at all levels of government, as well as migrant communities themselves. It includes a chapter that looks to the future of migration in the light of an understanding that "migration is no longer confined to poor people seeking a better life, but relates to a large and growing cohort of people living as global citizens seeking careers and personal development across the world". There are many other social benefits of migrating to Australia. Australia is a strikingly attractive country with racial tolerant society. It possesses world class education and health systems and government of Australia provides considerable funding to these sectors. Australia has political stability. Australia is one of the world's most attractive places for good quality of life. Indian migrants: In 2011-12

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