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Geography 1105 A thorough definition of “Human Geography” is we, as human’s, trying to understand the world as we know it, using maps, places, internet, history, books, and many other techniques and sources to try to understand geography. A proper definition of human geography is the study of human use and understanding of the world, the spatial differentiation and organization of human activity and its interrelationships with the physical environment. Also, a sense of place was talked about in human geography. A sense of place means to some, a characteristic that some geographic place have and some do not, while to others it is a feeling or perception held by people (not by the place itself). It is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging. An example of that would be Toronto. People know what Toronto looks like and where it is because of the CN tower, and the people living in Toronto call is there home, because they are comfortable living there, while other may not be comfortable there because of driving hazards, or they do not know their way around the city, so these type of people would not call it there “home.” But to those that know their way around the city, they can call this their “home” because it is their “sense of place.” To us who live in the Niagara Region, we identify our “sense of place” by using well known building in the area, like the Pen Centre, everyone in the Niagara Region knows where the locate the Pen Centre, but if you are not from around here, you do not know where the Pen Centre is, and would not be as comfortable here and you would be in your hometown. There a lot of areas that we studied that could be beneficial in examining the future of an urban area and community, in an increasingly global

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