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The research essay is due on November 7, 2013. Essays submitted after this due date will receive a GRADE only, and no comments, and will also be subject to a late penalty of 5% per calendar day. Essays will not be accepted after the last day of classes, November 30, 2013. The instructor’s decision regarding the grade will be final. You must write an essay on one of the following topics. POTENTIAL TOPICS: Option 1: Earlier this year, the Idle No More (INM) movement captured the attention of Canadians, and many others in the US, and around the world. Your research essay into this topic will describe the factors that led to the development of the INM movement, and will fully consider the ways in which relevant geographic concepts and themes are manifested in INM. For example, consider such geographic themes as space/place, power, identity, globalization, environment and resources, the core-periphery theory, and Bone's ‘faultlines’. You should also refer to course notes, and Chapter 1 in Bone, for additional ideas. Research Suggestions: As Idle No More is a relatively new movement, you are not likely to find it being featured in books. Rather, you should search for relevant information in newspapers and journals. Searchable online databases, such as Canadian Newstand and CBCA Reference and Current Events may be helpful in the research process. OR Option 2: One of Canada's distinguishing characteristics is its rich cultural diversity, the legacy of extensive immigration over the last 400 years. Choose one of your parents as the focus of your research. Discuss and analyze the push and pull factors that caused the family of your chosen parent to migrate from one place to another, from their initial arrival in Canada, to their present day location. You should also identify any formal and informal barriers that were experienced with each move, and

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