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Nguyen Duc Bao MTWTh 12:30 Nowadays, the subtle form of discrimination brought up in the movie “Gentleman’s Agreement” still exists in today’s society. In the movie, Phil Green was not allowed to go into the hotel because he is Jewish. This form of subtle discrimination still exists in today society. The gays and minorities are still subjected to this kind of discrimination. In the movie “gentleman’s agreement, Phil Green was clearly discriminated against. Gentleman’s agreement means an agreement guaranteed only by the pledged word or unspoken understanding of the parties. In this case, this is an informal agreement that the hotel is off limit to Jewish people. However, this form of discrimination is very subtle but everybody is aware of it. Phil was asked nicely to find another hotel because the hotel is full and there is no space available for him. The hotel staff could not say that the hotel is off-limit because it would be too obvious. Even though it is not said out loud, this is clearly a form of discrimination because was a treated differently due to his origins. Discrimination can take different shapes and styles, but it is still ugly and should be stopped. I believe that discrimination by gentlemen agreement still occurs in today’s society. There is still discrimination to minorities. For example, in certain high-class all white areas, house will not be available for sale to people from other descendants. After 9/11, there is discrimination against Muslim people. Muslim women are not hired because they want to wear headscarf to work. However, they will have no problem getting job if they dress like normal people. “Don’t ask, don’t tell is another clear example of how the concept of Gentleman Agreement can be used to discriminate. This policy is a practical ban on gay men, lesbians and bisexuals serving in the military. This policy could be

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