Gent And Common Morality

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Gent and Common morality- According to Gent, common morality “is what most thoughtful people implicitly use in arriving at moral judgments.” More or less common sense. Still in the simplest of terms, morality is about perspective. Morality is about good and bad, just and unjust, right and wrong, etc. as seen in and used by Gent’s “justified moral rules system”. Within this system, one should not kill, cause pain, disable or deprive. They all are based on what one, again, would consider to be good/bad and right/wrong. The fault with this system is that there is no easy way to have authority and oversight that says that one issue can be fixed or cured by a specific remedy; a problem really does not have a morally right or wrong answer. The use of formal (pro sports) and informal (cards) games was a perfect example. If athletes use steroids, they’re going to be severely reprimanded. If a group of friends get together to play a gentlemen’s game of poker and not everyone agrees to type of hand to be played, it’s not like the game will end or the group no longer continue to friends. Can the system be applied to ethical computing? Yes, it could but it should not be unless for serious actions that would lead to the loss of life, endangerment, or fraud. For instance, downloading games, software and music (pirating) without paying for them is illegal and could have serious repercussions. People do it every day and most are not caught. If you look at the rules that Gent provided: no cheating, no deceiving and obeying the law, computing used in the manner above, would be in direct of violation. Until more stringent laws are put in to action, I think that this will always be a matter of

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