Genre Thesis Planning (Not Finalised Work) Essay

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Genre sets a framework of conventions. However, the framework it sets is not a rigid frame, it is malleable and liquefied. This is because no text fits into just one genre. This is good because this creates more imagination and more genres within itself, combining genres as well. If we were to follow one genre set rules then nothing new would be created and there would be no audience appeal. Genre is always unfolding and unravelling infinitely as new texts are created. Milestones are played out when there are sudden changes to a particular genre. Genres are still useful to understand texts because they are an essential medium into relating one text to another. Making it easier to sort texts and organise them. It is also useful so that when an audience views and enjoys or dislikes a genre, they can use that information to decide what else they want to read, watch, etc. or they can know to avoid certain texts afterwards because they are from that particular genre. Creating a genre framework is useful because it simplifies finding an appealing text for the audience. Texts are more engaging not when they conform to the conventions but when they challenge and play with the conventions because this creates many different types of texts, creating more range for audiences to view, and draws them in because there is less repetition. Challenging and playing the conventions is also healthy because doing so is what keeps genres changing and reshaping. Resulting in more genres, and more appeal to the audience. To challenge the genre is to create the genre because genre exists in constant motion and

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