Genre Theory and Science Ficiton Essay

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English Extension Course 1 Module A: Genre, Elective 3: Speculative Fiction “Above all, (speculative) fiction is about what happens to us when we run into places and situations that just aren’t Kansas.”[1] This material was written by Matthew Brown and Simon Brown. Matthew, a NSW English Teachers’ Association member, is Deputy Principal at Wagga Wagga High School. When you commence your study of the speculative fiction genre study for the English Extension 1 course it is most important to closely consider pages 89–91 from the English Stage 6 Syllabus: the context of the module description course objectives content outcomes. We are told that this module requires us to explore and evaluate notions of genre. We need to develop an understanding of the conventions and values associated with the generic form, with particular reference to the specific study of the speculative fiction elective. Additionally, the speculative fiction elective must be considered in the context of the Module descriptions, Course Objectives, Outcomes and Content. Directing your study of the speculative fiction elective to ensure you cover the outcomes of the syllabus is essential. You may find it useful to rework the table of Objectives, Outcomes and Content to clarify the intent of the study for this particular elective. For example, the first objective and outcome direct you to: Develop a “knowledge and understanding of how and why” speculative fiction texts are valued, to distinguish and evaluate these values so that we can: identify aspects of these “texts that reflect and shape values”; consider the “ways that values” in these texts “can vary”; and evaluate the “effects of changes in perceived values.” The text list provides further clarification and guidance to our approach to this elective. We are told

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