Genre Reflection Essay

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Reflection For this unit, List was required to write two light genres and one heavy genre. List chose to write a memo and personal letter for her light genres, and a personal narrative for her heavy genre. Throughout this writing process, List runs into challenges, and learns when voice is necessary and appropriate, and when it is not needed. List discovers certain genres, like memos, need to be condensed, and some, such as personal letters and narratives are dependent upon details and description. In this reflection, I will be analyzing the three genres List chose to write, the memo, personal letter, and personal narrative, and discuss why her personal letter is strong and personal narrative is weak. The memo written has a distinct audience, style, and purpose but lacks rhetorical appeals. The Alton Pool manager wrote this memo. The audience is the Alton Pool staff, and it is meant to inform them about the local triathlon they put on annually. List’s style is impersonal and to the point. List includes when, where, and why the staff needs to be there in a condensed, three paragraph form. In the first short paragraph, List states, “This memo will address our Alton Pool Triathlon which will be held on July 30 at 8:00 AM. It will include important information and guidelines for this event.” This first paragraph is effective because it is short, to the point, and states what the memo addresses, but it may be misleading to say the event starts at 8:00 AM because later in the memo, she informs the staff they must be there at 6:30 AM for a meeting and set up. This detail may be problematic because memos are a fast read, and staff members could confuse the two given times. Because this is a memo, rhetorical appeals are not necessary, so the lack of them in this piece of writing is appropriate. Even though this memo could be further condensed, it is
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