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Reflection Genre Analysis Reflection For the genre analysis unit I chose to do classified ads, an obituary, and a movie review of The Hangover. These three genres stuck out to me because I have prior knowledge of each of the three genre types. Each genre takes on a different audience and has its own purpose for each of the audiences targeted. In the following paragraphs I will pinpoint the audiences, purposes, strengths and weaknesses, and describe how they exhibit the conventions of each genre. The first genre I chose to do were different types of classified ads. The types of ads included available housing, job openings, cars for sale, and availability of free animals. The audiences for these ads were house hunters, unemployed workers or workers seeking new employment, people seeking a used car, and people interested in obtaining a free pet. The credibility of each ad is in the description. For example the first ad is about available vacancy at an apartment complex and it gives the reader credibility by describing the available apartment setups and the price of them as well. Each ad gives the reader a number to call to see if what the ad is advertising is still a available and ask how they can get involved. The ads also include the logos appeal. The description of the ad makes the ad logical and has it make sense to the reader. For example in the classified about free kittens and puppies, it makes sense that they would like to give out the animals for free because they have an overload of them and don’t want them to be in the same cage as another animal. The pathos appeal isn’t included in these classified ads because it wouldn’t fit the ad and it would take up too much space. Each classified varied in what it was asking for but overall the purpose of each classified was to advertise what it was trying to sell in the listed ad. The second

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