Genre Analysis Reflection

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Genre Analysis Reflection There are many different kinds of genres in English literature. For this project we had to choose three different genres from a large list and write made up scenarios using that specific genre. Using their particular formatting and specifications. The three genres I chose to write about are classifieds, a memo and movie review. When writing these genres it was really interesting because I have read and seen them so many times but have never written them. This is what I did for each of the genres I selected. Classifieds have many different purposes, and can be found throughout our daily lives. There are many different purposes of classifieds. Selling things is the most often used purpose of classifieds, but they can also be used as want ads or ads for apartments to rent. This type of showcasing is open for anyone who wants to print an ad, and it’s up to the creator to decide how to get readers attention and ultimately sell your product. Classifieds can be used for almost anything, its up to the creator. While writing the classified ads I was trying to think of things many people would want to buy or be interested in. In turn this is making my intended audiences very wide spread which makes a better chance of me selling my product or service. I want my ads to reach as many people as possible, increasing my chance of having a customer purchase my product. One classified I wrote was a Cadillac for sale. I wrote different specifications of the car that would appeal to many different buyers. “Full Bose stereo system” this appeals to younger buyers, while “wood grain interior” appeals to potential older age buyers. Another strategy I used when writing classifieds was to keep them short. I kept them short by using abbreviations whenever possible. Classified ads usually pay by the word; the more words the higher the cost of the ad. I
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