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Kora Wilke Bever Debate 6 November Eugenics is a science that deals with the improvement of heredity qualities. This should be legal because American parents should be able to prevent disabilities in their children. A disability is being deprived of physical, moral or intellectual strength. Eugenics would create a fair and average play field, eliminating disabilities that could be a burden on one’s health—even life. With eugenics legal, Americans would have more room to prosper, reducing the price of medical help in the long run. Maintaining even a mere disability such as poor eye sight could cost thousands of dollars over a life time, and the disability could potentially be passed to your offspring, only repeating the cycle. With that being said, this would benefit society. Along with the patient not having such a burden, money would be spent in better areas. Services, such as mental health care, would cease to exist. That’s extra money we could use to our advantage. A common argument is that we should not be able to “play God”. This may be true, but many would argue that we play God every day by changing our hair color, exercising or even taking medication. With eugenics legal, we would no longer have the need for medications that could improve long-term problems. Medication can be deadly and result in addiction and even death. With that said, eliminating medication could result in fewer fatalities due to drugs. People also argue that it’s like opening Pandora’s Box, suggesting that there is trial and error. Just think about this, the first surgeries didn’t go perfectly. In fact, if they hadn’t gone wrong we wouldn’t be so advanced at them now. Trial and error comes with everything. How are we supposed to figure out the problem if we don’t even get to practice let alone experiment? I’m going to read a quote from Orion Magazine.

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