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Project Scope Description 3 Customer Requirements 4 Statement of Work 4 Project Deliverables 4 Acceptance Criteria 5 Work Breakdown Structure 6 Project Boundaries 9 Project Assumptions 9 Initial Defined Risks and Constraints 10 Project Approval 11 Project Scope Description GenRays is enjoying the benefits of a centralized Finance, purchasing and logistics system. Organization has realized cost saving because of this implementation. The management of GenRays is convinced that such an implementation in HR will also ensure not only cost saving but also efficiency in the HR processes. Currently, HR operations is much manual and no centralized operations exists. Each location of the company has their own small HR team to take care of the payroll and other HR functions. Thru the implementation of this HRIS system, GenReys is planning to centralize its employee database, payroll, performance management, career development and other host of HR operations. By centralizing the employee database, organization will be able to harness the power of a centralized information system. It will provide up-to-date office location, telephone, and e-mail contact information if the employee. The recruitment process will be automated with searchable database. Current employees and future employees of GenRays will be able to access the all the available opportunities in the job portal. This will offer growth opportunities to the existing employees and will attract the talents from the job market. The payroll process of the organization will be automated with the implementation of the HRIS system. Employees can access their payroll details thru a centralized system. Payroll system will be connected to other benefit providers which will ensure that employees get a single view for their payroll. HRIS system will reduce the amount of mistake in payroll processing.

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