Genocide In Cambodia

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Genocide In Cambodia Human Rights is a law that is part of every country in the world. It requires that everyone has the right to live and have freedom and be able to live without oppression. Unfortunately humans aren’t perfect and there are many things that lead to people wanting to break this law, because everything will never be stable. In this particular nation of Cambodia human rights were definitely violated becuase everyone was not entitled to life and liberty. Certain people were killed. The idea of freedom and thought was violated, becuase certain religions couldn’t exist in Cambodia. Certain people weren’t even allowed to live without oppression or death. There is a reason for everything and here in Cambodia there was of course a reason that led to these mass killings. Events didn’t occur for no reason. The main cause of the Cambodia Genocide was the 1954 Vietnam War. During this event Cambodia was a neutral country between Vietnam and the United states. They had no conflict what so ever. Unfortunately the United States went wrong when they decided to take over advantage by bombing areas that they assumed(taught) were Vietnamese supply lines. So they were killing thousands of Cambodian people for areas they taught were places were Vietnam stored weapons and such. Of course this would cause a country to become hostile. Who wouldn’t? If your friends with two countries and one country decides to take risk of your people and their mistakes kill off your people that would definitely cause you to become just as hostile as Cambodia. Now you have 750000 Cambodian people killed becuase of America. So what got started in Cambodia was an organization known as the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer rouge was led by Pol Pots who overthrew the

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