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Because of what happened in Darfur some manner of action should be taken to insure that the perpetrators of the genocide are punished, and that the people of Darfur and other parts of Sudan are kept safe. Even though the genocide is over, here are several other courses of action that can be taken to ensure that justice is served. First, the perpetrators of the genocide must be punished under international law by the International Criminal Court which is known as the ICC.. Secondly, something must be done to ensure that the Sudanese government or the Janjaweed does not attempt to attack the people of Darfur or other parts of Sudan. The top perpetrators are the violent Arab militia, the Janjaweed, and the Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir. Al-Bashir, who had an arrest warrant issued in March of 2009, had a second arrest warrant issued in July of 2010. (McBride, Julie. The Hague Portal). The First warrant was issued by the ICC with” 2 charges of war crimes and 5 charges of crimes against humanity some of which were extermination, torture and rape.”(qtd. Convention of Genocide) There was an attempt made to include genocide in the warrant, but the Pre-trial Chamber rejected the prosecutors attempt to add the charge. The prosecutor appealed the decision based on the grounds that the court used standards that were too high for that point in the proceedings (McBride, Julie. The Hague Portal). The Appeals Court reversed the decision, and sent the case back to the Pretrial Court so that they could make a decision using the appropriate level of standards (McBride, Julie. The Hague Portal). The second warrant was issued with 3 charges of genocide since the Pre-trial Court found that there was evidence that acts of genocide had been perpetrated upon the ethnic groups the Fur, Masalit, and the Zaghawa (McBride, Julie. The Hague Portal). The charges include

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