Genitial Tract Disease Essay

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Diseases of the Genital Tract (Chapter 26) I. Introduction A. The Reproductive System 1. Structures - paired reproductive structures a. female: ovaries, uterine or fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, and external genitals b. male: testes, duct system, accessory glands, and penis typically dont have normal flora near uriny tract but in reproductive 2. Defense mechanisms a. low pH - female acidic conditions--genus name- lactobaccillus- acidophiles ^ estrogen-^ glycogen-^acid b. mucosal immunity c. normal flora - female: in the vagina acid tolerant (acidophiles)lactobacilli dominate when estrogen level are high . Candida albicans yeast, eukaryotic oppturnistic, controlled by high acid production, high aci does not allow them to proferiate ( in both) . Trichomonas vaginalis protozoa eukayotic oppturnistic C. Predisposing Conditions 1. “a difference in plumbing” between women and men a. vagina - warm, moist environment (no sphincter) . example N. gonorrhea a single unprotected exposure - 20 - 35% of men - 60 - 90% of women b. close proximity to the digestive tract 2. Trauma - nosocomial infections 3. Sexual activity - the highest incidence is observed in the sexually active age groups + 4. Oral contraceptives - increase moisture and pH levels (hormones), replace condoms 5. Antibiotics kill of lactobacillus, frequent douching, tampon characteristics, II. Sexually Transmitted Diseases A. Neisseria gonorrhea – gonococcal urethritis 1. Reproductive tract infections a. attaches to mucous membranes via fimbriae (pili) and then invades through the spaces separating the cells b. diagnosed by staining - diplococci inside leucocytes c. prolonged or

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