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Genie Wiley Genie Wiley, a 13 year old girl, was contained in her bedroom her whole life. She grew up with no speech or developmental learning. She is a wild child, a child with severe isolation who lacks basic human functions like speech. Genie Wiley spent her childhood in one room tied to a potty chair, if she tried to speech she was abused. In the year 1970, Genie was found living in horrible conditions. She was moved to Children’s Hospital where many of the doctors wanted to help Genie get normal. Her condition made her popular among physicians and psychologists. She was moved from the hospital to house after house. Many of her foster parents wanted to help Genie recover or were the therapists that taught Genie at the hospital. Though everyone that adopted Genie never planned to raise her for her whole life and the research was losing support. Genie’s doctors were charged with only focusing on their hypothesis of the critical period, and testing her relentlessly by Genie’s mother who then started to care for Genie but soon realized that she could not raise her daughter either. Foster homes after she left her mother were detrimental to Genie’s progress, causing her to start using silence as a coping method again. The psychologists’ theory of why Genie could not fully recover was due to her lack of development in what they called “The Critical Period.” The Critical Period is the time in a person’s life when learning basic human qualities such as language, emotional responses, and movement is crucial. After the critical period had passed, Genie was unable to fully understand language. During the height of her development, Genie only learned basic words and could not form correct sentences. The psychologists that tried to help Genie did not handle her the right way. Often the foster parent was receiving research grants which motivated the researchers to

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