Genetics Research Essay

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There are many sub topics in relation to the genetics research; one of them is the genetically modified (GM) organisms (or foods). They are organisms where the genetic material has been transformed and then permits the specific individual genes to be transported from one organism to another. This transportation occurs through a technique called genetic engineering (GE).”Modified’’. Though, this subtopic occur problems that require to be solved. One of the ethical implications are certain people who have disagreed that crossing the boundaries of the genes is wrong as they feel it is unnatural, immoral, and in defiance of God’s laws.”Ethical”. For environmental, the initial issue is the reduction of the effectiveness of pesticides as consumers are apprehensive that insects would be opposed to other crops that have been genetically modified. Second, an accidental harm to other organisms since pollen from GM species can raise death rates to other insects. Lastly, genetic transfer to the untargeted species as crops for herbicide tolerance can cross-breed to resistance in herbicide. As well as for economic concern, genetic technologies and GM plants have been patented which leads to a higher price of the seeds that will be difficult for the other small time farmers to afford it. Generally, this occurrence will widen the gap between the rich and the poor. As for genetic engineering, one of the main concerns is toxins as GE can cause unpredicted transmutations in an organism, which can produce higher levels of toxins in foods.”Modified’’. There are suggested solutions applied by some of the companies and the individuals to most of the implications mentioned. For the ethical impact, the intrinsic issues are not applicable and do not offer any resolution to pragmatic concerns, for instance saving the environment and solving hunger and malnutrition and more.
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