Genetics Lab 7

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******************************************************************************************** Answer Sheet—Module 7 Lab DNA Extraction Click on the following link and view the DNA extraction: 1. What is the source of the cells used in this demonstration? A human. 2. Give three practical uses of DNA that is extracted: a. Genetic testing b. Body Identification c. Forensic analysis 3. Name the piece of equipment used to obtain the cells. Cheek Buccal Swab to release cells from inside of mouth. 4. Why do you need a large box of micropipettor tips? You will need a new one each time it goes into a new solution, avoiding cross contamination and keeping integrity to the experiment. Because there are several steps, you will need a large supply to properly carry out the testing. 5. What causes the cells to burst and release their DNA? Proteinase K (enzyme) and detergent in the lysis solution. 6. What is the function of proteinase-K? Cuts apart the tightly wrapped histones, uncoiling and loosening up the DNA. 7. What is the function of the salt solution? To clump together cellular debris. 8. Why is a tube of water placed opposite the sample in the centrifuge? A tube of water is added to the centrifuge opposite of the sample to balance things out. 9. What is the function of the micro-centrifuge? After spinning the tubes are removed, the centrifuge separates the cellular debris and proteins from the DNA. Debris and proteins are sunk to the bottom, while the DNA is still floating in the liquid portion. 10. What is the function of the isopropyl alcohol? DNA will not stay dissolved in isopropyl alcohol, so using it is you will be able to view DNA with the naked eye! PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Click on the following link and perform the

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