Genetics Fly experiment

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Genetics In this task we have been given virgin flies, both male and female from 2 different types vestigial and ebony fruit flies. The genotypes for these flies are: • (vg + vg+ ebeb) • (vgvg eb+ eb+) Aim Are task in this experiment is to do a series of genetic crosses to determine whether these genes e.g the flies body colour and the flies wings, are linked on the same chromosome or on separate chromosomes. Equipment • Fly nap • Stock bottle of ebony flies • Stock bottle of vestigial flies • Yeast • Water • Small 1 cm by 3 cm paper • Breading tube • Foam lid Method First of all the flies are taken from their main colony container a few are released into sealed pipette trays ebony in one sealed tray and vestigial in the other tray. Next you a chemical brand name Fly nap to render the flies incapacitated once the effect has effected all flies we can then study each fly and find the gender of each. We then decided that the we would take 3 ebony female and 3 male vestigial. And put them in a breading tube with a yeast mixture at the bottom for food and paper to land on and a foam top for oxygen. Once the files matted we took the parents out and waited 2 weeks for them to hack and develop we have decided to make an F1 and F2 generation. This would be are first F1 generation. Then to make are F2 generation we would take 3 male and 3 female from are F1 generation and then the same process is repeated with a breading tube and we then have are F2 generation and the parents are released. Before the offspring are mature and start to become a flies. Here below is a list of are fly types and are total number of flies for are three sets of F1 generation. Non Ebony Non Vestigial Ebony Non Vestigial Vestigial Non Ebony Ebony Vestigial 63 24 15 7 0 22 18 0 42 35 22 0 Here below is my F1 generation table. Parent

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