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A Rewrite of Genetics Article The latest breakthrough in genetics science -- which one Nobel scientist describes as “jaw-dropping” -- has led to a lot of excitement among DNA experts across the globe, with a belief that this discovery is going to bring a great transformation in their ability to alter DNA genomes in all living organisms, humans included. -- Click image above to enlarge graphic -- This latest development has been hailed as a major milestone in medical science due to its potential to revolutionise the research and treatment of a retinue of ailments, ranging from cancer and presently incurable viruses to inheritable genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome and sickle-cell anaemia. This is the very first time that scientists have been able to engineer any section of the human genome with such high precision by use of a revolutionizing new method known as Crispr. This technique is akin to altering individual letters on any selected page of a chosen encyclopedia without any spelling mistakes being created in the process. This turning-point development means that from now on it will be possible to effect the most precise and detailed alterations to any particular position on the DNA of all the 23 pairs of the human chromosomes with no unintended mutations or flaws being introduced, according to the scientists. With the new method being so accurate, scientists do believe that it will soon be very useful in human gene-therapy trials for treating incurable viruses like HIV or the presently untreatable genetic disorders like Huntington’s disease. The scientists also said that this medical technology may also be very useful in correcting any gene defects in human IVF embryos, currently a very controversial theme pitting scientists and medical ethicists. Till now, gene therapy has largely relied on the highly inaccurate techniques of altering

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