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Researchers at the University of Chicago claimed to have found a genetic marker that will help to identify those children that are likely to develop asthma after catching a cold. They studied the DNA sequence and genetics in children to come to their conclusion. "In the first three years of life, one-third of children who get sick and wheeze go on to develop asthma. Now we have a genetic marker to potentially help differentiate between transient and persistent wheezers." A quarter of the kids who participated in the study had 2 copies of the genetic marker and one half had one copy. The researchers said that the children with 2 copies were nearly 4 times more likely to develop asthma as those who didn't wheeze with a cold or had no marker. "We think the same gene is related to how many wheezing illnesses a baby gets, and we think the gene is also determining how the baby recovers from wheezing illnesses and how lung cells repair themselves, or clear themselves of the virus." The researchers believe that their next step is to figure out how the gene works in lung cells. In biology we have learned about genetics and DNA which is the root of the entire study. This is how the article applies to the course. I chose this article simply because it was interesting to me because I had asthma as a child. Though the article could have been somewhat more detailed, I enjoyed reading about the findings of the research.

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