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Genetics is essentially the science of genes, heredity and multiple variations amongst living organisms. That being said we have to understand that Genetics isn’t something that was discovered, it has always existed as part of every living organism. Genetics focuses on the molecular structure and function of genes within a cell or organism. We as humans have an inclination to refer to genetics strictly as what is inherited by the offspring from the parent, however, most people do not understand that it deals with variation and change amongst populations. This being said, understanding genetics is an enigmatic concept. Genetic disorders, mutations, its effect on the economy and the prevalence of obesity among the population of the United States are just a few examples of how genetics cannot be fully predicted because if that was so, there would be no more diseases such as HIV and other viruses that come from genetics. Genetic disorders have shrouded the concept of genetics from scientists who want to perfect the human genome or our DNA. A genetic disorder occurs when there is a complication in the genome and is typically congenital because they are heritable. There are multiple types of genetic disorders such as a single gene disorder, which is exactly what it appears like. It is the result of a single mutated gene and over four thousand human diseases are caused by single gene defects. Diseases such as Sickle cell anemia and Cystic fibrosis are caused by single gene disorders and wreak chaos over the world, striking unpredictably. Genetic mutations, like disorders, have also shown to have an enigmatic origin that still clouds even the most renowned scientist’s vision. Genetic mutations differ from disorders slightly because it is possible to have a genetic mutation without a genetic disorder but you cannot have a genetic disorder without a gene mutation.

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