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Genetic Processes 1. Variability and diversity of living organisms result from the distribution of genetic materials during the process of meiosis because during meiosis variation is made by gametes which contain a mixture of genes from two different parent chromosomes in sexual reproduction. This means that the genetic coupling of non-identical DNA takes place in meiosis. It results in an offspring, which has the genetic material of two different individuals. and new combination of genetic information is produced in the gametes. Therefore, in meiosis, the characteristics of parent chromosomes are combined with the characteristics of offspring chromosomes, resulting in a new and unique set of chromosomes. These chromosomes contain the basic DNA chain, which determines the physical and genetic characteristics of the offspring. Because of this, a high genetic diversity of a population is maintained. 2. Stem cells are cells that have the potential to create other types of cells such as blood, brain, tissue, and muscle cells. Stem cells are most likely to be found in a fetus than in an adult. Also, stem cells are able to create other cells in the body. Other cells have the potential to repair or replace damaged tissue or cells. Stem cells are developed from a female egg after it has been fertilized. As the science develops, it is thought that society will discover many more improvements. Stem cell research can offer the best chance for producing therapies to help millions of people living with currently incurable medical conditions. Some other benefits include; a better quality of life, a healthier workforce, collaborations among health and academic communities, researchers and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries and educational opportunities for the next generation of researchers and physician/scientists in the most effective therapies to help the greatest

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