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[Student’s Name] [Professor’s Name] [Course Number] [Date] Genetics Mendel Genetics Mendel’s first law of genetics is also known as the law of segregation. Mendel came up with two important contributions to the science of genetics * Development of pure lines- a population that breeds for a particular trait (an important contribution because non-pure traits confused results.) * Counted his results and made statistical notes In his experiments, Mendel concluded that * Hereditary determinants/genes are of a particular nature * For each trait that was studied, the parent had a gene pair in each cell * Each gamete carries only one member of the gene pair mentioned above * Gametes fuse irrespective of the gene pairs they bear. Experiment of Thomas Morgan from the movie Dramatizations in the movie depict Thomas Morgan’s experiments at Columbia University. Specific experiments like the search for mutations in houseflies are explained. Thomas Hunt Morgan is commonly regarded as the father of Drosophila genetics. He became interested in a male fruit fly that had differently colored eyes and studied how traits were inherited and distributed. Drosophila description from the movie and general information about drosophila Drosophila melanogaster, also known as the fruit fly has almost the same DNA as that of the human. It also has a two-week breeding cycle. This makes it an ideal lab specimen. Using highly specialized photography, computer graphics and 3-D animations, the movie “Superfly: a history of genetics” shares the story of the fly’s role in the history of genetics. Research project Fruit flies are commonly used in mutation research projects. Scientists choose fruit flies because they are: cheap to acquire, their lifecycle takes close to 10 days, have four chromosomes, they breed fast, and their biochemical steps are close if not

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