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Genetic Engineering - Genetic Engineering is the use of various methods to manipulate the DNA of cells to change hereditary traits or produce biological products. It is a manipulation of genes that allows scientists to put genes from one organism into another organism. Plants - You may not realize it, but plants are a big part of Genetic Engineering. Farmers use many techniques to insert genes from different organism around the world to help increase crop yield and to boost up proteins inside the plant. Animals - Animals are a really good way for scientists to learn about Genetic Engineering. But not only that, animals are a part of Genetic Engineering. Genetic Engineering is used to produce better meat, and other food from animals Humans - So far, the technology of Genetic Engineering is not at it's full potential but soon it may when scientists are confident about Genetic Engineering and it's implications. Only about 30 Genetically Engineering Humans have turned out alive and in good living condition. Genetically Engineered food has improved nutritional value Farmers will benefit from growing Genetically Engineered crops Genetically Engineered crops will reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides There is no evidence that Genetically Engineered crops are harmful to the environment Genetically Engineered crops will save the world from famine 1. By performing genetic engineering, scientists can obtain knowledge about genetic mechanisms. For example, they may be able to uncover some secrets of genetic mapping. Genetic mapping is the identification of individual genes for various functions. If scientists are rising restriction enzymes to splice certain genes, they must be able to identify the genes. Thus, genetic engineering helps to identify certain nucleotide sequences, and to use various restriction enzymes to "read" the sequences. For example,

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