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Sayef Iqbal 8B1 9/28/11 9/28 Why Clone By, National Center for Research Recourses Web: September 2011 What cloning is, is that you can make an exact copy of almost about anything. For Example, a lot of people clone their pets (dogs). Cloning is mostly performed in research labs. Scientific research shows that with a little work we can clone about anything we want. People clone for medical purpose, for more research, and reviving endangered or extinct species etc. Cloning is possible by using genetics; there are a couple of ways to do this. One way is artificial embryo twinning and somatic cell nuclear. Artificial embryo twinning is the relatively low-tech version of cloning. As the name suggests, this technology mimics the natural process of creating identical twins. The article is mainly about genetics, and why people clone things. My reflection on Genetics is that its not natural. One thing I learned was that genetics can stop animals from going extinct. I don’t agree with people cloning their pets or anything else. Some people disagree, and say that cloning is right and people can do it whenever they want and to whoever they want. Well I guess you can but still it’s really not natural. I mean in some circumstances its correct like if you want to replace a deceased child but for pets or any other animals, its not correct. After reading this I felt like that science is advancing pretty quickly and that people have a lot of different opinions on cloning.

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