Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified Foods Genetically modified (Gm) foods are integrated into products that we are not even aware of such as vegetables, fruits, grains, est. GM is a new way for creating foods, therefore scientists do not know ALL of the health and safety risks from eating genetically intergraded foods. The process of producing GM foods is difficult and the failure rate is high. This is why we (my partner and I) feel GM foods should be banned until scientist’s know ALL the affects Gm foods has on humans and the environment. Genetically modified foods use the latest molecular biology techniques and are commonly used for growing crops for human or animal consumption. GM foods can create specific characteristics of plants or animals, such as the ably to withstand weather conditions(temperature), nutrition and they can keep food for a longer time period- for example, A genetically engineered tomato can sit in the fridge for about 2 weeks and still taste fresh and delicious , However the chemicals that the scientists use for GM foods could harm us, there are known effects on human health, A study of feeding rats GM potatoes died before the rats who ate the un modified potatoes. How can we make sure that the GM foods we put into our bodies is safe? The answer, No- Scientist don’t have enough information/research to prove that GE goods are safe for human consumption. Some of the knows health risks from GM are that in stores they do not have nutrition facts/ingredients for GM chemicals in the foods therefore people who have allergies to nuts est. would not be able to eat Gm food because of the chemical traits, by this I mean when scientists put genes into some crops the mixture causes the crops natural genes to be unpredictable and scientists can not analyze for harmful affects within the crops. This leads to unknown toxins and this may cause allergic reactions.

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