Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically Modified Food Genetically modified food are foods copied from genetically modified organisms. A genetically modified organism is an organism that genetic material has been changed by using genetic engineering techniques.Genetic modification involves the insertion or deletion of genes.Genetically modified food products are plants thats genetic characteristics have been changed.Scientists do this process by putting new genetic material that wasn't in the plant so it develops new characteristics for example like a tomato that is designed to stay fresher than usual for a longer time,and another example is like corn that is designed to balk pesticides.Genetically modified organisms are organisms that DNA has been changed in an unnatural way so it works better and benefits the organism such as food r vegetables that may help the crop and might benefit our health in many ways.To combine genes from different organisms is well known as 'recombinant DNA technology' which is the process of combining different characteristics of different organisms and insert it to a plant that then produces a vegetable or food that is genetically engineered or in other words 'transgenic'.This process doesn't only work on foods and plants it also used in vaccines,medicines and fibbers. Genetically modified foods are mainly for business they are marketed and developed because they do have an advantage for the manufacturer or the consumer of these genetically modified foods. They either produce a product with cheaper price or with larger benefits or in some cases they combine both. At first genetically modified seed developers desired their products to be acknowledged by manufacturers so they have focused on innovations that the farmers would more likely treasure and value.The first objective for developing plants supported on genetically modified organisms,their aim was to

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