Genetically Modified Autism Essay

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Bailey Barnes English Comp 101 11/22/11 Genetically Modified Autism? What does it mean to have a food genetically modified? Genetically modified (GM) is the use of certain technologies to change the genetic makeup of things like plants, animals, or bacteria. According to the Human Genome Project, GM foods are mostly crops that have been altered at the very basis of their existence- in their genes- by using enzymes to acquire desired traits such as insect resistance, natural herbicide, and additional vitamins (What are). Scientists have created crops that are resistant to viruses, withstand extreme weather conditions, or could solve malnutrition-which could benefit the entire nation, and do great things for solving problems like world hunger (What are). But what are the risks associated with GM foods? The problem is, no one really knows. There are speculations of antibiotic resistance, or health problems but nothing is set in stone. As most individuals know, the rate of Autism spectrum disorders is on the rise, with one in every one hundred ten children will be diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder every year in America alone- 1 in 70 of those children being boys (What is autism). According to Autism Speaks- a nonprofit organization known nationwide to provide facts, and help for individuals with the disorder, as well as their family and friends-Autism spectrum disorder, commonly referred to as simply autism, is a disorder that is anything but simple. Autism is a complicated range of disorders that go from Asperger Syndrome- a type of autism that affects mostly social skills, making the individual unable to effectively connect with other individuals- to Rett Syndrome which makes an individual unable to communicate, sit up by themselves, or progress developmentally past age 3, and a ton of disorders in between ranging in various degrees of

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