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Genetic Mutations Linked to Stuttering News Article Report Genetic researchers have recently identified three genes that may play a role in stuttering. These researchers were from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This article, by Salynn Boyles, was found on in the Children’s Health section among many other gene specific research articles. It has been long suspected that genes play a role in the speech disorder. Stuttering tends to run in families and affects 3 million Americans and 5% of young children. The researchers conducted unique tests involving families with clusters of persistent stutters and identified a likely location of gene variants associated with the disorder. There are now specific gene mutations that appear to lead to stuttering. This discovery is very important for people who suffer from the speech disorder. The disorder affects mostly children and it becomes frustrating for them as well as their parents. These parents feel extreme guilt and wonder if the problem was directly their fault. They can now rest assured that, no; it is not their fault that their children develop a stutter. A stutter is generally short-lived among children but many adults continue to stutter and cannot fix their problem. Normal talking is coordinated by muscle movements by use of the mouth, palate, tongue, throat, and lips. There is no clear explanation to why people stutter as far as these muscles are concerned. It is simply a matter of form and voice production that can, perhaps, be learned. This discovery is remarkable in a sense that it relieves all who suffer from the disorder. Children’s health specialists have been desperately looking for answers over the last ten years. This is because roughly one in twenty young people stutter. Another study involved stutter-clustered families was in Pakistan and the U.K. This study was

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