Genetic Modify Foods Essay

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The human body is congruent to a well-oiled machine for instance let’s say a car, what you put into your car is what you get out of it. If you put bad oil into your car or it has bad oil in it the results are negative. The car may run a little rugged or it may not run at all. Our bodies like cars need the right nutrients in order to function properly; in our case the nutrients would be derived from the food we consume allowing the body to function at its best and allowing it to stay consistent. Although we know how important the food we eat is to our body’s success, ninety eight percent of the food we buy and consume from the local grocery stores, restaurants, or even the little snacks we get from the local gas stations have been contaminated with genetic modifications. It is depleting the purpose of healthy living because it creates nothing else but obstacles. Although these modifications are irregular and are believed to lead to serious health issues, supporters of it say it is beneficial and ironically the majority of the supporting team are in the business of genetically modifying foods . Which brings me to think whom could it possibly be beneficial too besides the producers gaining the capital from sales and When did the value of life or quality of life come with a numerical dollar sign. I cannot say that everyone knows what genetically modified foods are exactly but I am certain that everyone knows what cancer is and the effects of it. Researchers have discovered that about two out of every nine cancer patients death are related to the over consumption of genetically modified food. Researchers of Genetically modified food also say “However, a wide variety of modifications are possible through genetic manipulation and the potential for the introduction of toxic compounds, unexpected secondary effects and changes in nutritional and toxicological

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