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W.H. Informative Speech H.B. Genetic Modification Thesis: To explain genetic modification of plants, and some advantages of genetic modification. Introduction: Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Warren Head, and today I would like to explain genetic modification, the history of it, common genetically modified plants and advantages of genetic modification. Let us begin with a question, have you already used something today that was genetically modified? Body: I. Genetic modification A. Act of inserting genes from one species DNA, into the DNA of another species. B. New genes will result in different traits being expressed in target species. I. Gregor Mendel, father of modern genetics. A. Not appreciated until the early 1900’s, 16 years after his death. B. Experimented with peas between the years 1856-1863, creating Mendel's Laws of Inheritance. II. Common Genetically Modified Plants A. Tomatoes, the first genetically modified food commercially available in U.S. B. Corn, 86% of U.S. and 32% of worldwide crops were genetically modified in 2011. C. Soybeans, in 2010 93% of all U.S. crops were genetically modified. D. Cotton, depending on year up to 93% of crops have been modified. III. Advantages of Genetically Modified Foods A. Pest, disease, and herbicide resistant B. Drought and salinity tolerant C. Edible by those allergic or intolerant normally Conclusion: To summarize what I have just explained, genetic modification is here. More and more world crops are being modified for resistance to pests, disease, and drought, namely. It appears genetic modification won’t be going away anytime soon, no matter how you personally feel about it. Though before you make a decision, I request, you to do some research about genetic modification, the history behind it and the future of where it is going.

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