Genetic Engineering in Video Games Essay

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There are many references to genetic engineering in modern day society, whether you find it in books, video games, and movies, it’s all around us. How can we separate the facts from the fiction of these different media types? First, more information is needed about what exactly genetic engineering is – and how it works. Second, we’re going to pick a popular movie that features genetic engineering, Resident Evil, and see if what happens in the movie could really happen to the human populace. How does genetic engineering work? Genetic engineering works by physically removing a gene from one organism and inserting it into another, giving the target organism the ability to express the trait found in that gene. Easy enough concept, right? The complicated bits come in the actual process of transferring the DNA. First, you find an organism that has the desired trait. The DNA is extracted from the organism, and then once you find your specific trait, is singled out and copied from the thousands of genes that were extracted. The new gene is delivered into the cells of the target organism. This is the messy part, as there is no control over where or if the gene inserts itself into the genome. Once the gene takes, the organism is officially a transgenic organism! In Resident Evil, the Umbrella Corporation has developed a virus they name the T-Virus, and its antidote. This virus gets loose, and then spreads throughout the vents of the holding facility, and then kills everyone in the facility. The virus turns everyone into zombies, and various monsters that then roam the hallways of the facility and try to kill the protagonists of the movie, Alice and her friends. We eventually learn that the Umbrella Corporation has made this virus for an overall goal of developing a “superhuman,” that they name Tyrant. This use of genetic engineering brings up the idea of “superhumans,” and

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