Genetic Engineering for World Hunger Essay

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Genetic Engineering for World Hunger By Christina Long SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment May 21, 2012 When you think about genetic engineering on food to stop world hunger? what pictures comes in your head to answer that question? When you think about genetic engineering does food and what it does for food come to your mind or is it more like robots and spaceships to you. Some will say that genetic engineering on food is not the way to stop world hunger because in the long run it will kill off people because of all the chemicals you have to use in the food to make it where it can stop world hunger, but there is that other part that will say yes it is why are we not getting up and getting it done so people and children are not hungry anymore. Yes world hunger is a major problem right now because you can not turn on the television or radio and not hear about other countries in this world that are needing help to feed their people and that if it keeps happening it will see a lot of their people die because of starvation. Looking at genetic engineering or making the food become more then it would yes it does calls for some chemicals and pesticides, but will it work is the question and finding an answer is what we are going to find out. Will it cause problems in the long run or will it just all work out and this world will be a better place for it. Genetic engineering is an answer to a lot of stuff and makes it easy for some stuff to do what it needs to do, but we need to look at the long term effects and then look at the short term effects that will be caused if we do use genetic engineering on our food supply to help stop world hunger in this lovely place we call home. References Castaldo, J. (2010, April 12). The future of food: The DNA solution. Canadian Business, 83(4/5), 37-40. Retrieved from

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