Genetic Engineering and It Effect on the Mankind Essay

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Genetic Engineering and its effects over the mankind Chavdar Dobrev ENG 290 Advanced Writing and Research Gus Worth Argumentative Essay August 20, 2011 Do you like chocolate? How would you honestly answered "NO" to this question? Chocolate has always found its way through people's hearts. Every person knows that eating chocolate can be one of the most pleasurable things to do, and on other hand every child knows that chocolate is harmful for teeth. Now what if I tell you that chocolate usually contains genetically modified milk, genetically modified sugar and fat from the genetically modified soybean? Yes, it is true and “the guy” responsible for this is called genetic engineering. We live in a world where the advent of genetic engineering in the lives of ordinary people put a large number of questions and forms one of the biggest discussions in in the field of nutrition. There is a big chance that most of us have tried GM foods without even knowing, since there is no way we can feel the differences using our senses. Special studies are needed to understand whether a food is genetically modified or not. Unfortunately this greatly reduces the opportunities for self-control and leads to a lot of unanswered questions. However, in this essay I will talk about the genetic engineering and the risks that are staying behind it. If we check the free online dictionary we will see that the given definition of the term genetic engineering is “Scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism that involves the production and use of recombinant DNA and has been employed to create bacteria that synthesize insulin and other human proteins.” (The Free Online Dictioary, 2011). The history of genetic engineering appears back to the mid 19th century

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