Genetic Engineering Essay

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Genetic Engineering…What is it doing to us? Genetic Engineering is when scientists alter an organism's genetic material to eliminate unwanted characteristics or to produce new ones. Genetic engineering is used to increase food production from plants and animals and help dispose of industrial wastes. It is also useful for diagnosing diseases, advancement in medical treatments, and creating vaccines and other useful drugs. Some genetic engineering techniques include recombinant DNA, hybridization, and selective breeding of plants and animals (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia). Genetic Engineering is flat out wrong. It is not our role to alter God’s creations or make copies of them using scientific methods. Scientists do not even know the long term effects of genetic engineering. It can potentially ruin our food supply and cause allergen bacteria in food (What is Genetic Engineering?). The first time genetic engineering was put into use was for selective breeding of plants and animals. The idea was to increase food production. In selective breeding, only the best and most healthy plants and animals are used. Selective breeding of wheat and rice to produce a higher number has helped supply an increasing need for food. Cattle and pigs were first domesticated about 8,500 to 9,000 years ago and have become main sources of food for humans. Dogs and horses have been selectively bred for thousands of years for work and recreational purposes. We now have over 150 dog breeds and 100 horse breeds (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia). We need to stop with this while we are ahead. We do not know what kinds of unwanted traits or diseases can be passed along. Scientists now want to take selective breeding to a whole new level. They want to alter hereditary characteristics to make organisms “made to order” (History of Genetic Engineering). This is highly against Christian beliefs. It

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