Genetic Engineering Essay

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Anglès II – Argumentative Task GENETIC ENGINEERING WITHOUT BORDERS Who has not ever thought of being able to choose how our children will be or look like before birth? Nowadays, in addition to handling food or plants, with genetic engineering we can technologically work on genes in any living being. This manipulation, however, is not only useful to make babies on demand; it could also mean a breakthrough in the prevention and cure of really serious diseases for humankind. Therefore, we can highlight some advantages and disadvantages in this area. First of all, it should be noted one of the major concerns of the ability to alter the human genes. With this discovery, many people are asking themselves why they cannot choose how their children will be before they are born. They want to determine their sons’ intelligence, hair or eye color, etc. If it was possible everyone would like to have an intelligent and handsome kid with the best physical and psychological characteristics or traits. Thus, all humans will end looking similar, up to losing the personality that would have defined them. Furthermore, these genetic changes would be very expensive and therefore only available to the richest people. So, would imply a larger gap between rich and poor, as some would prosper and others won’t have the necessary skills to improve their quality of life. The rich would always be better. On the other hand, this finding may be a great improvement in the quality of life of many people as with this method, professionals in medicine can identify potential diseases that have never been manifested in the person, replace the defective gene, or start a preventive treatment to reduce the effects of the disease before they are born. This could mean a big change for humanity because we could prevent many diseases or deformations and thereby avoid operations, pain or the early death. For

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