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Almost everyone in the world hates it when someone copies them or plagiarizes. Then how would it be just that the creator of the Earth has his creations and blessings which he favored us with, such as crops and animal copied? Though many people say genetic engineering is going to help us or is helping us, the famous Margaret Mellon states that, “Genetic engineering has not delivered on any of its promises for human health benefits. There are a lot of failures scattered at the side of the road.” So, I believe that genetic engineering isn’t going to help us, but hurt us and that genetic engineering will only lead to bad, since it can destroy crops and harm animals and the entire human race. As the day passes by, the number continues as many people believe that crops or plants have value in the human world and that they have moral status. As far as we know, they (plants/crops) don’t have any feelings and are not alive (that is walking, talking ect). However, these people are referring to their right, like the right to know that whether they are eating a cloned product or not. This leads to the main topic about genetic engineering and plants. As tests have proved, plants that have been genetically altered may carry a side effect and can be passed onto other plants. A recent example is, genetic pollution from transgenic plants(reported by BBC news). This was spread through pollen to other pollen seeds in Canada; of the Canola seed. This was then sent to the U.K and other countries. When planted, many crops began to die and acres of land which used to have crops that were owned by farmers, were now empty. This shows us what can happen if mistakes occurs when trying to genetically alter crops. Besides this, genetic engineering also effects the environment at the same time. Genetic engineering, it helps promote agriculture business, which can cause the use of

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