Genetic Diseases Essay

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Glaucoma (chromosome: 1; Location: 1q23-q24) glaucoma a phrase meant to describe a cluster of diseases that effects the visual impairment, which is a physiological or neurological factor of blindness. The disease has a common form that is called open-angle glaucoma. Half of 3 million Americans don't know they have it and are affected bye it. When you develop the disease there are no symptoms at first, but later on in your life you will start to have affects on your side vision. There many reason on why I choice this disease, which always played a major roll in my life. One reason was because my mother developed the disease, while I was an adult. She went throw a lot of struggles but over came it as the year went on. Other reason would be that many people tend to ignore the sing that are given. If they where only educated about the disease a cure for them would be able to be solved. Deafness (chromosome: 13; Location: 13q11-q12) deafness is common in America and causes extremely hearing loss, which effects the connexin 26 also know as hearing impairment. The disease carries a gene Cx26, which is similar to cystic fibrosis and is seen in children that are deaf. The gene consists of proteins and potassium, homeostasis, which is located in the inner ear. The detection of the gene at an early stage in a children’s life can help diagnosis of hearing impairment. The reason I choice this disease was because I was able to relate to the disease. Throw out my life I played lots of sports. So as a child growing up I had friends who where hearing impaired. As the years went on I stared to wonder what was hearing impaired. Then I realized that they where a lot different from me. which then lead me to understand them
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