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The Genesys Health Plan Genesee Health Plan (GHP) is a community-based, nonprofit organization that provides access to primary care and other basic health care services for low-income and uninsured patients (Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). GHP members receive basic services; prescription medications limited coverage from a pre- approved generic drug list; imaging services and outpatient laboratory(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). It “partners with Genesys Health system to provide” plan members access to health navigators consisting of nurses and health educators who help patients achieve better health(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). They emphasize the need of a healthy lifestyle. “Genesys Health System is a nonprofit, integrated…show more content…
It also has “a closed panel of 354 contracted medical specialists (who receive most of their referrals from the PHO) and a few hospital-employed specialists” ( The approach to primary care Organized health care delivery determines the level of quality health care rendition in any patient population. Genesys health system uses the Health works model to improve health of the community, while also improving the patient’s experience of care and lowering the per capita cost of care(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). The model focused on “three key elements that emphasize the importance of primary care”, patient self-management and health promotion( It engaged community based primary care physicians in the physician-hospital organization(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). It promoted health through health navigators who educates patients on the need of a healthy lifestyle adoption to prevent illness(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). It partnered with community based companies to extend the goals of the model to the entire local…show more content…
They promote and anticipate the use of one EMR system across the board for all affiliated physicians and facilities to enable easy patient data and information sharing(Klein, S & McCarthy, D, 2010). Cutting Emergency room visits and costs Genesys Health Works model of care has helped patient population in cutting emergency room visits and costs. According to (,” the rate of emergency department use among GHP enrollees fell by half between 2004(82 visits per 100 members) and 2007 (40 visits per 100 members)”. Health Navigators also help in promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors and lifestyle which will provide better health outcomes and save costs. Collaborations Improving positive health outcomes for the underinsured and unemployed in every patient population is a major challenge for government and community groups. Health care groups are springing up in communities and states to tackle these issues. The most common health care groups are the Accountable Care Organizations. Accountable care organization is a group of health care providers uniting under a common goal of taking responsibility for the health needs of a defined or given

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