Genesis: Story of Creation Essay

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Genesis: Creation story The story of Creation is very important. This story explains how everything began. This story gives me good insight into how the world we know and live in came to be. In this story God took 7 days to create the world. This story starts the bible because this is how it all started. When this story takes place, the world had no form or structure. He first started with light and darkness. “God said, ‘let there be light’ and there was light.” On the second day, he decided to make heaven and land. On the second day God created the sky. On the third day He created the land and the seas. The fourth day came and god decided to create the moon, sun, and the stars to separate the night and day. By the fifth day he chose to create fish and birds for the seas and the sky. On the sixth day He created Adam and Eve and all other animals. The seventh day he rested. God reveals himself in this story because he creates everything. He is the make character in this story. God is the cause for everything and he left his mark on everything he created. We would not have anything if God had not created it. He still reveals himself through everything he did and still does. The characters in this story move closer to God. When they were created they didn’t do anything that could harm them. This was a very good start for humanity. God shows his love for humanity because he created everything. He wanted everything to be perfect and beautiful. He made everything to be loving and peaceful. For ancient people this story meant a lot. This made people have a strong faith in God. They were very grateful to God. This also answered many questions for them also. It answered the question of where they came from and how everything begun. There are many different translations of the stories in the bible. One of the translations was from a
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